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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

The team at Office Interiors are committed to the minimisation of waste, saving of energy and natural resources and the prevention of pollution.
Our focus is the supply of furniture manufactured in a way that will create the least environmental impact. We work to ensure our products have the longest possible life span, this is not only beneficial to the environment but gives the client significant economic benefits.

To achieve these objectives we will:

  • Offer our customer quality products to maximise their serviceable life.
  • Supply innovative furniture designs that allow re-configuration to accommodate the evolving needs of the modern office, reducing the need to replace furniture.
  • Ensure where-ever possible our products can be repaired and components replaced when damaged or worn.
  • Promote products, with good manufacturing standards, to our clients.
  • Offer to take back and recycle selected furniture at the end of its useful life.
  • Operate our facilities to comply with environmental legislation.




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